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    Choosing the Right Temperature Control: Fixed vs. Adjustable Setpoints
    (0) Choosing the Right Temperature Control: Fixed vs. Adjustable Setpoints
    Dive into our temperature switch lineup, comparing fixed vs. adjustable setpoints. Make informed decisions for optimal performance in diverse applications.
    Selecting the Best Temperature Controller for Industrial and OEM Applications
    (0) Selecting the Best Temperature Controller for Industrial and OEM Applications
    Explore precision with Big Bear Instruments, your trusted process control solutions partner. In our latest post, we simplify selecting the right temperature controller for your industrial or OEM needs.
    Troubleshooting Your Pressure Gauge: A Comprehensive Guide
    (0) Troubleshooting Your Pressure Gauge: A Comprehensive Guide
    Big Bear Instruments presents a concise guide on troubleshooting pressure gauges in industrial settings. The blog addresses common questions, highlights the importance of recalibration, and explores practical tips for resolving issues like vibration, pulsation, extreme temperature, and more. Emphasizing the need for accuracy, the post concludes by showcasing Big Bear Instruments' calibration services and quality gauge options.
    How and When to Certify Your Pressure Gauge
    (0) How and When to Certify Your Pressure Gauge
    Explore the comprehensive guide on pressure gauge calibration by Big Bear Instruments. Learn the importance of precise calibration, discover essential calibration steps, and find expert tips for a smooth calibration process. Contact us for professional calibration services and ensure optimal safety and efficiency in your industrial operations.
    How To Choose The Right Pressure Gauge
    (0) How To Choose The Right Pressure Gauge
    How to choose the right pressure gauge is an in-depth exploration of standard and digital pressure gauges. It provides detailed insights into the key factors to consider when selecting the right pressure gauge for their industrial applications. The blog covers topics such as dial size, connection material, pressure range, application-specific considerations, accuracy, special features, output, and more. It also offers practical tips to help readers make informed choices and optimize their pressure monitoring processes. Additionally, it highlights the importance of precision instrumentation and concludes with a call to action for further exploration of pressure gauge options.
    (0) Product Announcement: New Ashcroft OEM S1 Pressure Transducer

    Ashcroft is excited to announce the release of the S1 pressure transducer. Get reliable pressure measurements with an economical new transducer for OEM applications. Ashcroft is excited to announce the release of the S1 pressure transducer. Specially made for mobile hydraulics, performance racing, agriculture and refrigeration applications, it’s a reliable solution for harsh environments.

    The Ashcroft® S1 OEM pressure transducer incorporates Ashcroft’s proven CVD sensing technology to provide a cost effective transducer that provides superior performance. The S1 is a hydraulic pressure sensor designed to provide uncompromised performance especially for applications that see high shock, vibration and excessive pressure cycling. The S1 utilizes a high-performance ASIC and digital compensation to provide excellent temperature performance, while the thin film sensor enables long-term stability. An ideal choice for pressure measurement for mid to high volume applications.

    Key Features:
    • Compact Design
    • All Stainless Steel sensor element
    • Polysilicon thin film sensor
    • Highly configurable, wide selection of pressure & electrical connectors, outputs, and pressure ranges

    What Does It Mean? Ashcroft’s TruAccuracy™ specification is exclusively based on terminal point methodology instead of statistically derived schemes like ‘best fit straight line’. TruAccuracy™ means the Ashcroft S1 has standard span accuracy of ±1.00% with option to purchase as ±0.50% out of the box. Zero and span setting errors are already included in the standard ±1.00% or optional ±0.50% of span accuracy spec The S1 is ready to be installed with no additional calibration adjustments required. A unit from another manufacturer advertised as ±0.25% best fit straight line may actually be a ±1.25% to ±2.25% device. Using best fit straight line method, the accuracy spec does not include zero and span setting errors, which can be as much as ±1.00% each.

    Check out this blog post By: Steve St. Hilaire, Product Marketing Leader where he dives into the features and specifications of this new pressure transducer so you can see if it’s the right fit for your process.

    Want more information? Contact us today.

    (0) GEFRAN PID Temperature Controllers



    Gefran 650, 1250 and 1350 Controllers

    Gefran offers a series of solutions for all applications requiring accurate and safe PID control. Actions needed to address today's challenges in various sectors of industry. Gefran offers a wide range of products that are scalable in both performance and features. PID controllers are designed with a special focus on ease of use and configuration. LCD touchscreen displays provide clear and immediate information on process status and ensure safe operation.
    Temperatures within a machine or process can fluctuate slightly and that change, if unnoticed, can ruin products. That's why having an accurate temperature controller that is easy to use and
    monitor is important. Big Bear offers a full list of temperature controllers that are equipped with the best comprehensive control for most temperature and process control loops. They are designed to be reliable in the most demanding manufacturing or scientific applications. Sort by manufacturer, series, controller type, DIN size, or input type to find the best controller for your needed application.

    Gefran’s model 650 – 1250 - 1350 PID temperature controllers, in format 48 x 48, 48 x 96 and 96x96mm (1/16th, 1/8th and 1/4 DIN) are full of advanced functions.
    On Gefran’s new controllers, everything can be customized: faceplate color, display, operator messages, logo, and use of the bargraph (1250/1350). 
    Attributes, such as, character size, black/white contrast, and the combination of different message colors, guarantees excellent readability even at a distance. 
    There are three configuration methods: from keyboard in only 7 steps, from PC with our free to download GF_eXpress configurator software , and from the Zapper portable configurator.
    The temperature profiles can be set in 12 steps, grouped and saved in 4 programs with trigger inputs and programmable event outputs. 
    Outputs can be programmed to indicate when the actuators ( relay, ssr, IR lamps ) are close to the lifetime limits and maintenance is needed. 
    Measures and controls the energy consumption of the system. Checks and reports if the system exceeds the expected values.

    Tutorial for configuration of PID controllers


    (0) Eagle Signal's CT4 Percentage Timer In Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

    Eagle Signal's CT4 Percentage Timer is designed for use in applications where repetitive "on" time of a fixed cycle needs to be a variable.  A good example of an application that can benefit from this timer is in center-pivot crop irrigation systems.
    When looking at center pivot irrigation systems, most are driven by a small electric motor mounted on a tower panel.  Those electric motors are then controlled by a percentage timer, which is an essential part of the system.  Since crop irrigation requires intervals of water through a system of sprinklers, omitting the percentage timer would require the farmer to manually switch the irrigation system on and off.  Implementing the percentage timer on the irrigation system allows the farmer to "set it and forget it," leaving more time for their other duties to be accomplished.
    Some highlights of Eagle Signal's CT4 percentage timer for this application include:

    Effortless Installation & Use

    • Simple wiring - only 4 electrical connections in a straight line on the back of the timer's body
    • Can easily be mounted on the control plane of a system
    • Users can quickly switch from one percentage to the next with its easy turn knob
    • Hands-on interface that includes variable adjustment options & quick maintenance
    Safe & Timely Crop Irrigation
    • Features a plastic guard over the terminal block to help protect the user's fingers from being exposed to the contactors
    • Timer does not rotate any further once set (unless using intentional force)
    • Durable housing protects the internal mechanics of the timer from environmental elements
    • UL Recognized and CE compliant

    Another note worth mentioning is the CT4 has dimensions that fit the same cutout as the Eagle Signal HQ4E, making it a suitable replacement unit.  The CT4 offers functional improvements over the HQ4E and the ATC percent timer such as better connections, enclosed electronics, and upgraded potentiometer.
    We especially like the CT4 percentage timer because of its reliability and easy use.  If you are interested in learning more or have other questions regarding what timer is best for your application, contact us.  One of our technical specialists would be happy to help.

    (0) Featured Product: Eagle Signal BRE Reset Timer

    If you're in the market for an industrial timer, you may or may not know that there are many subcategories to choose from when making a selection.  You've got digital, single-function, multi-function, totalizing, reset, repeat, programmable, percent, and Cam module timers.
    Some might find themselves asking, what do all of these mean?  To help guide you in the right direction, we suggest asking yourself a few questions to get started.  Are you looking for something compact, or does the size of it not matter? Do you need this timer to have an alarm or some other pre-programmed function? Knowing the basic functions of the timer will help guide you into the right category whether it is electro-mechanical, electronic, manual, etc.
    For today's feature, we are going to highlight the BRE Series Timer which is a "Reset Timer" manufactured by Eagle Signal.  Eagle Signal is a trusted brand and reliable source for electro-mechanical products for over 70 years and if you have ever used one of their products, you know why!

    The BRE Series reset timer is a great option if you're looking for a reliable and durable reset timer.  These units are micro-processor driven and provide an accurate and adjustable time delay between the actuation of the control circuit and the operation of the load switches. They feature an enclosed construction with a front facing dial and knob.  What's great about that is it provides durability while being easily accessible.  Also on the front of the unit is a heavy duty terminal block with 9 screw terminals.  These terminals will readily accept 16-gauge wire (commonly used in industrial circuit wiring).

    The case of the BRE Series timer is injection molded Lexan®. Lexan® material is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories (also known as "UL Recognized") for use as the sole support of current carrying components. This material is self-extinguishing and has not only a high impact strength, but high dimensional stability as well.  The BRE series units are also FM Approved.

    Some additional highlights for this reset timer are its easy install and set up process and many time ranges available - 12 to be exact - that range from 5 seconds to 10 hours.  The BRE has two voltage/frequency options available (120V AC or 240V AC), features on-delay and off-delay models, and is available in standard timing or reverse timing.

    If you think this is the timer for you, we have all BRE series configurations available for purchase on our BRE Series product page.  If you think you're on the right track but could use some help in choosing a different timer for your application, don't hesitate to reach out. We have a team of specialists ready to help!

    (0) Featured Product: Eagle Signal CX200 Series Microprocessor Timer/Counter

    When searching for an industrial timer, there are a handful of questions to ask yourself before making your selection.  For instance, what type of industrial timer do you need? Are you looking for something compact, or does the size of it not matter? Do you need this timer to have an alarm or some other pre-programmed function? Knowing the basic functions of the timer will help guide you into the right category whether it is electro-mechanical, electronic, manual, etc. In the case of today’s featured product, we are going to take a deep dive into Eagle Signal’s CX200 Series Electronic Timer/Counter:

    The CX200 is a microprocessor-based timer/counter, which means it can perform both time and count operations. There are five time ranges offered from 19.999 seconds to 199 hours and 59 minutes.  As for its counter function, the CX200 can accept and display counts from 1 to 19,999.  These setpoints can be inputted by using the sealed membrane keypad located on the front of the unit.  The setpoints are displayed in 0.5-inch numbers on its 4.5 digit LCD display. As for housing, the CX200 features a standard 15 terminal CYCL-FLEX® plug-in case.  There are 7 miniature rocker switches located inside the unit housing that control the operations of time or count, time range, and standard or reverse start.
    Now that we have covered the basic specs, let’s talk about the different CX200 units available. There are 6 different versions of the CX200 series, each featuring a different output type and voltage & frequency:

    • CX202A6 | 10 amp Relay Output, 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • CX202B6 | 10 amp Relay Output, 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • CX202K6 | 10 amp Relay Output, 208 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • CX242A6 | 1 amp Solid State MOSFET, 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • CX242B6 | 1 amp Solid State MOSFET, 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • CX242K6 | 1 amp Solid State MOSFET, 208 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    What’s great about the CX200 Series is that it is backed by a trusted brand. Eagle Signal has been a reliable source for electromechanical products for over 70 years! But if you think this unit still might not cover your needs, feel free to check out our full list of Timers & Counters available or contact us - one of our technical specialists would love to help.

    (0) Featured Product: Warrick Controls Series 16M, 16DM, 16HM, & 16VM Plug-In Modules

    Choosing the right liquid level controller for your application can be a difficult task. If you're looking for something reliable and compact in size, you might benefit from the Warrick Controls Series 16 Modules manufactured by Gems Sensors & Controls. Available in many options and configurations, these solid state plug-in modules are engineered for general purpose single-level or differential liquid level control. We like the Series 16M controls because they combine the reliability of solid state electronics (like Warrick’s Series 16 & 16D Open Circuit Board Controls) with the convenience of a plug-in module design. Here's a good visual of the 16 Open Circuit Board vs. the Solid State Plug-In Module:

    While choosing a liquid level controller may be difficult, we think Gems does a great job breaking down the different Series 16 Modules available as well as highlighting some key features on their website. What's great about these plug-in modules are that they come compact in size, offer various time delays, provide a low voltage sensor with solid-state reliability, and feature LED monitoring. Looking for more? Here is an additional breakdown of the four main Series 16 Modules offered:

    Series 16M – General Purpose
    Designed for either differential or single-level service, Warrick Controls Series 16M is a general purpose U.L. “Motor Controller” listing. Its 8-pin socket with screw-type connections make the unit easy to install and service. It features a sensitivity of up to 1 million ohm/cm.

    Series 16DM – DPDT Load Contact
    Warrick Controls Series 16DM is similar to Series 16M but with DPDT load contacts. This feature eliminates the need for slave relays. It comes equipped with 11 pin octal plugs and requires little panel space. Much like the 16M, the Series 16DM is best for general purpose single-level or differential applications.

    Series 16HM – High Sensitivity
    Warrick’s Series 16HM also shares many similarities with the Series 16M. One feature that sets it apart from the 16M is its higher sensitivity of up to 5.5 million ohm/cm. Its probe voltage is 12 VDC and is considered most suitable for applications with low conductive media.

    Series 16VM – Field Selectable Sensitivity
    Warrick Controls Series 16VM offers many of the same features as the Series 16M but with the added flexibility of field adjustable sensitivity.  This feature is made possible through external set point resistors. The Series 16VM uses an 11 pin octal socket and similar to the other units in this series, comes U.L. listed.

    As you can see, there is quite a bit to choose from when selecting the best module for your application. For a full list of specifications, we recommend checking out the Series 16M, 16HM, 16DM, and 16VM Data Sheet. If you need assistance in choosing the best option for you, contact us. We have an eager team of technical specialists that would be glad to help!

    (0) Featured Product: West 6100+, 8100+ & 4100+ Temperature & Process Controllers

    Looking for a resourceful single loop temperature & process controller for your application? Allow us to introduce the West 6100+, 8100+, and 4100+ digital temperature & process controllers. These flexible and easy to use controllers are part of West Control’s “Plus Series” and have been designed to save users’ time and virtually eliminate the likelihood of operation errors.

    We like the West 6100+, 8100+ & 4100+ controllers because they are extremely versatile and competitively priced. You may or may not recognize the manufacturer and series of these temperature controllers because they have evolved from the West Control N6100, N8100, and N4100 series. With their improved interface, technical functionality, and field flexibility, the West 6100+, 8100+ and 4100+ controllers arguably give the best in comprehensive control for most temperature & process control loops.

    West does a great job explaining single loop controllers as well as highlighting the 6100+, 8100+, & 4100+ series for its versatile features and user-friendly functionalities on their website. With mentions of remote setpoint inputs, digital inputs, plug-in output modules, a customizable operator/HMI menu, jumper-less and auto-hardware configuration, and a 24VDC transmitter power supply, these temperature & process controllers are set to ensure precise control for the most demanding applications.

    Below is a product table we would like to featured directly from the manufacturer's website:

    The major difference between the 6100+, 8100+, and 4100+ are the DIN sizes and dimensions. If you would like help ordering and/or need technical assistance to help choose which temperature & process controller is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to help.