Plastic Solenoid Valves

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Plastic solenoid valves are electronically controlled valves. They feature an electrical coil, the solenoid, with a moveable plunger in the center. To operate the solenoid, an electrical signal comes in from a control panel and opens or closes the valve. Solenoid valves are important for controlling the flow of gases or liquids withing a closed system. Big Bear Instruments offers various valve options when aggressive chemicals, salt solutions, acids, and other corrosive materials come into play. We proudly offer plastic solenoid valves manufactured by Plast-O-Matic Valves. Sort by series or item type to find the best valve option for your application. Browse our selection of valves or contact customer support if you don’t find what you need.

  • Plast-O-Matic EASYMT & EASMT Plastic Solenoid Valve

    Plast-o-matic® type EASYMT & EASMT valves are direct acting, normally closed PTFE bellows seal solenoid valves used for pressure, drain, and vacuum service. They are designed for all types of aggressive chemicals, salt solutions, acids, caustics, and ultra pure liquids such as deionized water. They include a W24 fully rectified coil with Z-Cool DIN. A rectified R24 coil is optional.