Temperature Controllers

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Temperatures within a machine or process can fluctuate slightly and that change, if unnoticed, can ruin products. That’s why having an accurate temperature controller that is easy to use and monitor is important. Big Bear Instruments offers a full list of temperature controllers that are equipped with the best comprehensive control for most temperature and process control loops. They are designed to be reliable in the most demanding manufacturing or scientific applications. Sort by manufacturer, series, controller type, DIN size, or input type to find the best controller for your needed application. Find the right temperature controller for your application today.

  • West 6100+, 8100+, & 4100+ Digital Temperature & Process Controller

    The West 6100+, 8100+ & 4100+ are part of the Plus Series of controllers that take flexibility and ease of use to new levels.

    Each of the West 6100+, 8100+ & 4100+ controllers are an evolved product from the N6100, N8100 & N4100. The product benefits from having more versatile features and user-friendly functionalities such as remote setpoint inputs, digital inputs, plug-in output modules, a customisable operator/HMI menu, jumperless and auto-hardware configuration, and 24VDC transmitter power supply.

    It has been designed to incorporate improvements, save users’ time (as much as 50% on product set-up), reduce inventory stock and virtually eliminate the likelihood of operator errors.

    The West 6100+, 8100+ & 4100+ result in providing a product which surpasses competitive offerings in terms of ease of use, delivery and value for money.

  • West 6170+, 8170+, 4170+ Temperature Controller with VMD Outputs

    The 6170+, 8170+, and 4170+ single loop controllers are part of the Plus series range and are designed specifically for open loop, valve motor drive (VMD) applications.

    The 6170+, 8170+, and 4170+ incorporate advanced tuning algorithms, with selectable pre-tune and self-tuning for easier setup. The self-tune also reduces output activity to an absolute minimum without compromising control quality, thereby reducing wear and tear on mechanical components such as valves, contactors and relays. In test, these controls have cut down valve oscillation from 30 to 40 times a minute to just a few. Pre-tune plus self-tuning has also been shown to get on control up to 3 times faster.

    In addition to the VMD outputs, further output options exist for the 6170+, 8170+, and 4170+ series which can be designated as outputs for alarms, 24 VDC transmitter power supply, retransmit process value or setpoint.

  • West 6700+, 8700+, 4700+ Limit Controller

    The 6700+, 8700+, and 4700+ limit controllers are members of the P series family. These instruments provide a latched relay output which is activated when process value either exceeds or falls below the a pre-set limit level, providing a fail-safe cut off which has to then be reset before the process can continue. The LED indication shows when limits have been exceeded and when the relay is latched out.

    With a full range of universal sensor input options, the 6700+, 8700+, and 4700+ provide a valuable control ‘watchdog’ for most systems. Features include: high or low trip points, 5 amp latching limit relay, remote reset option, exceed & relay indicators, jumperless configuration,  auto detection hardware, modbus & ASCII comms, two annunciators or alarms,  available in 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 DIN formats.

  • West CAL 3200 Simple PID Temperature Controller

    The West CAL 3200 1/32DIN Temperature Controller is designed to be easy-to-use and reliable within the most demanding process and manufacturing applications.  The CAL3200 series is best suited for industrial or scientific applications and has an impact resistant smoked fascia with large rubberized buttons with positive feedback. PID tuning is simple and efficient for the CAL3200 while the unique dAC function minimizes overshoot.

  • West CAL 9300, 9400, & 3300 Digital Temperature & Process Controller

    The CAL 9300, 9400, and 3000 temperature controllers are designed to be easy-to-use and reliable within the most demanding process and manufacturing applications.

    Designed for industrial or scientific applications CAL9300, CAL9400, and CAL3300 have an impact resistant smoked fascia with rubberized buttons with positive feedback. PID tuning is simple and efficient whilst the unique dAC function minimizes overshoot.

  • West MAXVU Digital Temperature & Process Controller

    MAXVU has been designed to offer essential temperature control in a device that’s easy to install and fast to program. With its improved display visibility, the MAXVU series units provide an affordable solution for applications where primary temperature control functions such as heat only or heat/cool are needed.  The MAXVU series comes in two DIN sizes (MAXVU16 for 1/16 and MAXVU8 for 1/8), offers a universal input, and features up to 3 outputs with a choice of either relay or SSR. Typical applications include packaging processes such as sealers and many more.

  • West MLC-9000+ Temperature Control System

    The MLC 9000+ maximizes up-time by offering a true hot-swap facility. A module can be removed, replaced, automatically re-configured and back in service in under 30 seconds. Unlike some systems, with the MLC9000+ there is no need to touch the remaining control modules – allowing them to continue functioning when any of the other modules are removed.

    Communication module options currently include Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus and Modbus/TCP. Control modules are available with 1, 3 and 4 loops. Heater break inputs are available on 1 and 3 loop modules.

    The MLC 9000+ system provides a compact multi loop DIN-rail process control system. Even using a full complement of 8 control modules, providing up to 32 loops, the MLC9000+ still only measures 206mm wide making it the ideal choice when panel space is a concern.

  • West N2300 Single Loop Controller

    The West N2300 Single Loop Temperature Controller offers real flexibility as it can be used as a controller or an indicator.

    The N2300 series has the largest red or green digital display in a 1/32 DIN package. In addition to the red or green display, the N2300 benefits from three additional multi-color LEDs to indicate process, alarm and configuration statuses.

    The large, tactile rubberized keys provide a more practical human interface which is complemented with a specially developed hands-free PID tuning algorithm, Easy-Tune, which continuously monitors and improves control. Alternatively the instrument can be manually fine-tuned for a specific application. The N2300 indicator has up to to two outputs (relay or solid state driver) for alarm. The controller version can have an additional relay or RS232 serial communications.

  • West N6400 Single Loop Controller

    The N6400 is a powerful, single loop profile controller for complex processes. It offers profiling capability with 4 programs each of 16 free format segments making it a leader in its class.

    The N6400 is an easy to use controller, which benefits from an informative display providing maximum process information at a glance. A dedicated configuration port allows configuration directly from a PC and allows for the development, transfer and storage of recipes by dedicated software.

    Features for the N6400 series include fast and accurate control via raPID fuzzy logic, 4 programs with 16 free-form segments, program ramps in rate or time mode, “Auto Hold” facility, remote run hold, event & profile active outputs, powerful failure recovery, guaranteed soak to protect production quality, delayed start, and modbus comms.

  • West N6500 Single Loop Controller


    The West N6500 Single Loop Temperature Controller is a competitively priced, entry level controller which features a simplified operator interface and automatic self-tuning on process start-up. The N6500 series controller has excellent display characteristics featuring a large 3 digit display for high visibility and clear Go/No-go “on control” indication. It features an easy tune (PID) or on/off feature, alarm lock, setpoint lock, optional process alarm, and on-control indicator.

  • West N8080 Digital Indicator Controller

    The West N8080 Series Temperature Indicator offers highly accurate process monitoring and unparalleled display quality.  The N8080 series features custom-designed LED 5 digit display which offers larger, clearer numbers than other instruments of the same size. There is a choice of color for the display and this can be set up to change (green to red) to indicate alarm status.

    With either temperature or process inputs available and a choice of alarm and retransmission outputs, the N8080 can serve most process indication requirements.

  • West PlastX6 / PlastX8 Plastics Temperature Controller

    The West PlastX Series Temperature Controller features the PlastX6 (1/16 DIN controller) and PlastX8 (1/8 DIN controller) which are designed specifically for plastic extrusion processes.   Users benefit from a simple menu structure with pre-populated setup fields with default parameters for plastic applications.  Control options for both the PlastX6 and PlastX8 include Heat, Heat/Cool as well as offering setpoint ramping to help protect against heater burn out.

    The versatile PlastX controller can also be used as a standalone process indicator to measure melt temperature.