Flow Switches

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  • Gems 70831 Flow Switch, FS-927 Series

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    Gems® 70831 flow switch is part of the FS-927 series family.  Featuring a compact size, the FS-927 switches measure only 1″ x 2¾” and are ideal for use where space is at a premium.  With those specifications, the FS-927 series switches are appropriate for high volume OEM applications and well suited for use with water and oil. They can also be used for coolant or lubricant flow monitoring in portable equipment and many other applications with space constraints.


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  • Gems FS-10798 Series Flow Switch

    FS-10798 Series Flow Switches are externally adjustable switches that are ideal for protecting machine tools from coolant flow failure, for protecting bearings from loss of lubricant or to assure proper air flow. They offer an infinite number of flow settings at pressures up to 1000 psig (69 bar), with low pressure drop and precise repeatability. Applications include: Electronic Equipment (Laser Heads, Welders, Power Supplies, High Speed Spindles, X-Ray Tubes, Semiconductor Equipment), Bearings or Gears (Presses, Rotating Equipment, Conveyors, Machine Tools, Robotics), Processing & Dispensing Equipment (Water Purification and Filtering, X-Ray Film Processing, Beverage Dispensing, Chemical Additives, Gas Sampling, Distilling).

  • Gems FS-150 Series Flow Switch

    Gems® FS-150 series flow switches have a straight flow path with low pressure drop. They incorporate a unique, dual-diameter, internal bore and piston configuration to minimize flow constriction.   With this configuration, liquids are able to smoothly pass around the piston and flow through the FS-150 switch with little pressure loss to the down stream line.


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  • Gems FS-200 Series Flow Switch

    FS-200 Series Flow Switches offer accurate flow detection, with 1% repeatability, over a broad range of flow settings and port sizes. Its durable construction delivers long-life reliability in either water or oil. Generous flow paths keep pressure drop low. These switches are ideal for detection of improper flow rates in high volume lubrication, cooling or process systems. Applications include: Protect Bearings or Gears (oil separators, fuel systems, pumps, compressors, presses), Electronics or Machinery (heat exchangers, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, induction furnaces, radio transmitters), Process Systems (water filtration and reverse osmosis, chlorinators, de-icers, sterilizers, evaporators).

  • Gems FS-380 Series Flow Switch

    FS-380 Series Flow Switch is a rugged, inline flow switch that uses 100 micron filtration and is less susceptible to clogging than other high-pressure inline flow switches. The one-piece magnetic PPS composite piston makes the FS-380 ideal for high-pressure applications such as industrial cleaning equipment, as well as cooling applications where simple design and reliable operation are required.

  • Gems FS-380P Series Flow Switch

    FS-380P Series Flow Switches are rugged inline flow switches that resist clogging as well as metal versions. FS-380P is an ideal choice for coolant applications requiring reliable flow detection in HVAC, semiconductor, welding, medical and other industries. 1/4″ (6 mm) quick disconnect units have a host of snap-on mating fittings sold separately to fit most piping requirements. Applications include: Electronic Equipment (Laser Heads, Welders, Power Supplies, High Speed Spindles, X-Ray Tubes, Semiconductor Equipment), Bearings or Gears (Presses, Rotating Equipment, Conveyors, Machine Tools, Robotics), Processing & Dispensing Equipment (Water Purifications and Filtering, X-Ray Film Processing, Beverage Dispensing, Chemical Additives, Gas Sampling, Distilling).

  • Gems FS-4 Series Flow Switch

    Gems® FS-4 series flow switches feature a molded plastic construction and provide flow protection for a wide range of industrial applications such as welders, lubrication systems, medical sterilizers, and laundry chemicals dispensing.  The FS-4 series switches are low in cost which makes them an economical choice for OEM applications.


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  • Gems FS-400 Series Flow Switch

    Gems® FS-400 series flow switches are general purpose, 90° flow path switches. They provide accurate flow detection in water and oil with 1% repeatability. Flow settings on the adjustable version can be easily changed without disassembly. A shuttle bypass vane inside the housing is controlled externally using an ordinary flat-blade screwdriver. The FS-400 switches are ruggedly constructed of non-corrosive materials and resist shock and vibration. Suitable for triggering alarms on interlocking shutdown circuitry when flow rate is improper to protect bearings, gears, and cooling systems.


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  • Gems FS-480 Series Flow Switch

    Gems® FS-480 stainless steel flow switches are well suited for large flow and low pressure drops. They are 25% larger than their FS-380 siblings and ideal for processes that push more fluid through their systems.  While the FS-480 is designed to accommodate the semiconductor industry’s move to larger 300mm wafer & cross-over equipment, these switches also work great for critical medical equipment applications. The FS-480 switches feature a glass-reinforced PPS piston and have forged 316 stainless steel bodies.  They are rugged enough for high pressure lubrication and cooling systems. The FS-480 series provides the reliability required in critical applications while allowing for much lower pressure drop rates than other switches.


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  • Gems FS-500 Series Flow Switch

    Gems® FS-500 series flow switches are low cost units for threaded plastic piping. They offer low cost flow monitoring with a variety of switch actuation points and low pressure drop. All wetted parts for the FS-500 series are polypropylene or stainless steel, making this switch ideal for a wide range of chemical and temperature requirements. The materials are also NSF or FDA approved for potable water treatment applications including chlorinators, purifiers, and heaters. The FS-500 is ideal for equipment cooling including welders, lasers, etc. A J-box version with a 5 amp relay is also available for direct control of higher electrical loads, such as chlorinator pumps.


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  • Gems FS-550 Series Flow Switch

    FS-550 Series Flow Switches sense liquid flow in either direction to monitor flow/no-flow conditions and are supplied in two paddle lengths. The paddle is trimmed during installation to permit switch actuation at the desired flow rate. As flow increases, the paddle of the switch pivots to move out of the liquid path, producing less than 3 psig (.21 bar) of pressure drop regardless of pipe size. FS-550 switches are U.L. Approved for Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D hazardous locations. Applications include: compressors, heat exchangers, turbines, engines, boilers, chillers, valves, pumps and regulators.

  • Gems FS-600 Series Flow Switch

    Gems® FS-600 series solid state flow switch uses proven thermal dispersion technology to provide a robust flow switch even without filtration. It has no moving parts and is compatible with both conductive and non-conductive fluids. The FS-600 is suitable for fluids with particulates or slurries and is immune to changes in media viscosity. It features a straight through design and uses the cooling effect of flowing fluid to monitor the flow rate.  The amount of thermal energy that is removed from the tip determines the local flow rate. This temperature-based operating principle can reliably sense the flow of virtually any liquid.  The FS-600 switch can be mounted in any orientation to handle a wide range of flow rates.


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