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Big Bear Instruments specializes in measuring instrumentation for industrial and OEM applications. We offer a wide range of Measurement products for applications when precise accuracy in pressure, level, and temperature measurement is a must. Whether it’s pressure gauges, transducers, level sensors, or thermometers, we’re here to supply the products that match your needed application.

  • Anfield KAPS / KAPF Hydraulic Pressure Switch

    Anfield® Series KAPS and Series KAPF are piston pressure switches featuring an external adjustment knob to easily adjust set point. The switch on both series is IP67 rated, enabling high performance in most outdoor conditions. The KAPS and KAPF series are both excellent pressure switches for hydraulic applications requiring long cycle life.  Available in adjustable or factory set, these pressure switches feature a snap action micro switch, full metal stops and can withstand high proof pressure from 350 psi – 3200 psi.

    Typical applications for the KAPS and KAPF series switches are industrial equipment, scissor lifts, presses, and cranes.

  • Anfield SKBA / SKBF Series Pressure Switch

    Anfield® Series SKBA and SKBF are miniature pressure switches with high proof pressures ideal for mobile and other harsh applications. Both the SKBA and SKBF Series feature a well sealed design that offers ingress protection to IP68 when paired with the flying lead option. There are a variety of mechanical and electrical terminations to choose from for easy integration, too. Special features for the SKBA and SKBF series include silver nickel alloy contacts,  diaphragm/piston combination, high ingress protection, compact body, and gold contact available.

  • Anfield SKDF Series Pressure Switch

    Anfield® Series SKDF Pressure Switch is one of the smallest pressure switches in the market offering an integrated Deutsch receptacle. The SKDF series features silver nickel alloy contacts, direct blade contact, diaphragm/piston combination, and gold contact available. It is used best for mobile equipment, street sweepers, and cement trucks because it has the ability to plug in a mating Deutsch DT06-2S plug for an instant solution to the constant water spray present in mobile applications.

  • Anfield SLBA / SLBF Pressure Switch

    Anfield® Series SLBA and Series SLBF pressure switches are designed with a Teflon coated polyimide diaphragm.  This feature allows for exceptional use in harsh temperatures with minimal effect to the set point. The SLBA series is field adjustable while the SLBF series is factory set.  Both series have silver nickel alloy contacts, minimal temperature effect, vented internal system, and a compact body ideal for low pressure applications under 500 psi.

    Common applications for the SLBA/SLBF series include oil pressure, fuel pressure, or boost pressure switches.

  • Anfield SMA / SMF Series Pressure Switch

    Anfield® Series SMA and SMF Pressure Switches are versatile pressure switches suitable for many hydraulic and pneumatic applications. They utilize a proven piston/diaphragm design to provide excellent accuracy and high proof pressures with zero leakage. Various electrical terminations are available utilizing a high quality snap action micro switch. The SMA series is field adjustable while the SMF series is factory preset. Typical applications for the SMA and SMF series pressure switch are hydraulic system control, material handling equipment, lubrication systems, and garbage compactors.

  • Anfield SPA / SPF Series Pressure Switch

    Anfield® SPA Series Pressure Switch and SPF Series Pressure Switch are low pressure switches that are compact in size and feature a high quality snap action. The SPA series is field adjustable with an allen screw while the SPF series comes factory set. With either option, these miniature pressure switches are perfect for pneumatic system control, low pressure filter monitoring, car washes, or even gate control.  These pressure switches also features an optional IP67 rating for any flying lead options (CA and CS). Lead free brass is also available for special application requirements.

  • Anfield SPAL / SPFL Pressure Switch

    Anfield® Series SPAL/SPFL is a simple and common pressure switch utilizing a polyimide diaphragm for extended duty applications. The SPAL series is field adjustable while the SPFL series is factory set.  Both series of pressure switches are used in many automotive applications for monitoring of engine functions and auxiliary devices. These units are very economical and work well in extreme temperatures. Additional features include gold plated silver alloy contacts and high current ratings.

    Common applications for the SPAL/SPFL series pressure switches are oil pressure, fuel pressure, exhaust pressure, and air brake pressure switches.

  • Anfield SPVL / SPVF Pressure Switch

    Anfield® Series SPVL and Series SPVF are compact, simple vacuum switches suitable for many applications. They are designed for easy installation and quick access to the set point. The SPVL series is field adjustable while the SPVF series is factory set. Both series feature gold plated silver alloy contacts and high current ratings.  These units are very economical and work well with extreme temperature.

    Common applications for the SPVL/SPVF series include vacuum generators, industrial automation, and engine load monitoring.

  • Anfield SVA / SVF Pressure Switch

    Anfield® Series SVA and Series SVF are compact vacuum switches that utilize a high quality snap action micro switch.  The SVA/SVF series utilizes a modular design which allows for a variety of electrical and mechanical terminations. Best used for applications in which price and size are of concern, the SVA/SVF serie