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Variable frequency drives, also known as VFD controllers, are motor controllers that drive electric motors by changing the voltage and frequency of the power supply. They are great for saving energy and improving efficiency within a system. They can also convert power in hybrid applications while integrating networking and diagnostics. Big Bear Instruments offers a variety of Variable Frequency Drives.  These cost effective VFD controller solutions are easily configured and offer a wide range of programming capabilities. Sort by manufacturer, series, or working voltage to find the best match for your application. Check out our selection of VFD controllers today and find the right one for your application.

  • Teco Westinghouse A510 Variable Frequency Drive

    The TECO A510 VFD is designed to house electrical and electronic controls, instruments and components. Provides protection from dust, oil and water. It is also designed to house most standard type disconnects. For outdoor applications a drip shield is recommended.

  • Teco Westinghouse E510 Compact VFD

    The E510 compact AC Variable Frequency Drive is an easily configurable product that controls many motor driven applications. Compact size is convenient for retrofitting or replacing an older generation VFD’s.

  • Teco Westinghouse E510 NEMA 4/12 VFD

    The E510 NEMA 4/ 12 Variable Speed Drive is a versatile and compact AC Drive that can control today’s demanding motor driven applications in a cost effective manner.

  • Teco Westinghouse L510 Micro VFD

    The L510 AC Micro Variable Frequency Drive is a cost effective drive solution with a wide range of programming and capabilities.  It offers V/F mode or sensor-less vector operation and comes in 115V, 230V, or 460V.  Some features for the L510 series include PID process control loop, sleep mode, 0-10 VDC or 4-20mA feedback, and loss of feedback tracking detection.  The L510 has a built-in Modbus as well as digital an analog inputs.

  • Unitronics UMI-B1 Series UL Variable Frequency Drives

    Unitronics Variable Frequency Drives (also known as VFDs) are designed to optimize machine performance, save energy, and lower machine life cycle costs across a range of applications.  VFDs can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated with other Unitronics controllers making them an all-in-one application.  With the option of integrating, users can operate the VFD directly from the controller’s HMI panel using the same programming software as the PLC control and HMI application. Doing so will allow for set-up and/or configuration of multiple VFDs in a snap.  In addition, integration allows for monitoring and debugging the VFD, either via UniLogic or Scope Trace, and remotely accessing the VFD via UniLogic.

    The UMI-B1 Series UL offers single phase or three phase input voltage.


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