Signal Doublers

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Stop dealing with weak signals in your application. Signal doublers will take the input signal and double the signal and power through two galvanically isolated outputs. They are ideal for applications where the signal needs splitting without the loss of any power or output. Big Bear Instruments offers a variety of Signal doublers manufactured by Knick Interface. These highly reliable Signal Doublers are CE compliant and UL approved. Sort by series, input type, working voltage, input power, and housing size to find the best match for your application. Have a look at our selection, and if you don’t find what you need, contact our customer support team.

  • Knick Interface BasicLine BL530 Signal Doubler

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    The BasicLine BL530 Signal Doubler is more than just a Signal Splitter.  Instead a traditional splitter which splits a signal input as well as divides the output power in 1/2, the BL530 signal doubler takes the input signal and then doubles the signal and power through two galvanically isolated outputs.  This unit is perfect for applications for splitting signals without losing any power on the outputs.  This Knick unit comes with some of the highest reliability in the industry backed by a 3 year warranty.